• ability01BARREL GP
    Special fabric for waterproofness and breathability. Vapor inside the cloth goes outside while stopping rain and water drops.
  • ability02TECHNOBRANE
    Special urethane lamination film for breathability. It fulfills all the requirements for active sports.
  • ability03STRETCH
    The stretchable fabric supports your body movement and gives you comfortable fitting.
  • ability04Hyglater


    Temperature control system: The Hyglater generates heat and cools down reacting to perspiration during sports. Hyglater is a technical fabric using a special powder which generates heat when absorbing moisture and cools down when desorbing moisture. This special powder is treated on to the fabric with high durability. At the start up of the sporting activity, the special powder reacts to the moisture from perspiration and generates heat. This heat warms up the human body fast and gives better condition for the physical movement. On the contrary, as soon as the greater moisture is produced, the special powder reacts and starts to cool down. The cooling down effect enables the human body to continue the sporting activity in the comfortable condition. The Hyglater prevents coldness and stickiness from moisture by reacting to the moisture level and controlling the microclimate within clothing Because of the absorbing power and the releasing power of this special powder, the Hyglater also has the deodorizing effect.
  • ability05SAITOS TH
    A lamination fabric with waterproofness and breathability at high level. It has the function to eject perspiration, which prevents dew condensation and also prevents penetration of rain and water.
  • ability06Seam sealing
    In order to increase the water resistance , processing to a state close to completely waterproof by preventing to minimize the infiltration of water from the seam .
  • ability07estar2000
    High-performance 4 way stretch fabric (outside surface/flat)
  • ability08e makes you faster
    High-performance 4 way stretch fabric (outside surface/stripes)
  • ability09SAITOS
    High-performance lamination fabric with breathability, windproofness, waterproofness and water resistance. Waterproofness: above 10,000mm/H2O, Breathability: above 8,000g/m2/24hr.
  • ability10EntrantSP2000
    It provides comfortability even in storm and heavy rain by its excellent performance of waterproofness, breathability, water resistance and windproofness. Waterproofness: above 20,000mm/H2O, Breathability: above 8,000g/m2/24hr.
  • ability11Tetratex


    Tetratex is a high performance textile material developed by Donaldson Company Inc. of the United States, whose spec shows distinguished waterproofness and breathability. Micro-porous Tetratex membrane achieves two contradictory functions of waterproofness and breathability by laminating together with nylon and polyester. The membrane blocks out rain and snow while vaporizing perspiration, which prevents dew condensation inside the clothes and always keeps the inner condition dry and warm. Owing to Donaldson’s bonding technology, the fabric on which the membrane is laminated is durable against washing and folding, and keeps its function and wearing comfortablility for a long time. In addition, the fabric is also durable against discoloration so that the range of use could be diverse: outdoor gears, sports wears and so on. Tetratex is adopted as the material of the uniform of police officers and fire fighters, and its superior function in severe conditions is highly appreciated.
  • ability12Kinesio Cut
    KINESIO CUTKinesio cut provides comfortability and safety for the athletes.
    Sport wear using Kinesio cut lightens the physical burden of the muscles and joints,increases concentration, and supports body balance by providing optimum support.
    Kinesio cut will support your body through all weather and seasons.
    Kineshio cut supports your muscles with optimum strength level and lightens the physical fatigue.
    If you want to enjoy mountaineering and outdoor, it is important to lighten the physical fatigue by supporting the human body in optimum condition.
    From all parts of the human body, especially the knees have the most complicated movement. It bends, extends and twists.
    Therefore, when the muscle loses balance from physical fatigue, the knees take more physical burden and the movement becomes slow, causing a risk of injury.
    The human body is nearly symmetrical based on the body axis. Kinesio cut support the human body centering the knees with the best balance for the body.
    Therefore, the Kinesho cut can long-sustain the comfortability and allows smooth movement with optimum support.
  • ability13Breath tech DRY-UP
    Breath tech Dry-Up is the fabric which absorbs and vaporizes your perspiration quickly. It also has the functions of anti-bacteria, anti-odor and UV cut.
  • ability14Breath tech PP
  • ability15Breath tech Advance2.5
  • ability16UV CARE
    The fabric with its UV cut feature protects your skin from strong sunshine.
  • ability17Breath tech PREMIUM
    Breath tech Premium is the fabric, which absorbs and vaporizes perspiration quickly. The function gives you even more comfort when you exercise.
  • ability18Hyglater reflect
  • ability19ADVANCE STRETCH
    ADVANCE STRETCH is hybrid of durable 3 layer fabric and 2.5 layer stretch fabric, which are properly arranged. ADVANCE STETCH gives even more functionality to ONYONE rain wears
  • ability20Breath tech
    Breathtech membrane bonded to the fabric with special technique materializes both high waterproof performance and supple touch.
  • ability21Breath tech 2.5
    Special printing is added on 2 layer high performance fabric, which makes up Breath tech 2.5 fabric. It achieves high waterproofness, high breathability and excellent lightness.
  • ability22Breath tech ADVANCE 3
    Three kinds of functional materials bonded with special technique makes up the high performance fabric, Breath tech ADVANCE 3, whose features are excellent waterproofness and durability.
    LIGHTWEIGHT TECHNOLOGYWeight and feeling of heaviness of the clothing are stress for the athletes and they can disturb their concentration and sustaining power.
    Lightweight technology is a special system, which reduces the actual weight of the clothing and also improves the feeling of heaviness when wearing the clothing.
    The main concept of this system is to reduce stress for better comfortability.
  • ability24Breath Tech GX
    Breath Tech GXNewly developed fabric with high moisture permeability.
    Breath Tech GX is light-weighted and it combines waterproofness with breathability that releases moisture outside.
  • ability27RECCO
    RECCO® technology makes you searchable in the event of an avalanche accident. RECCO® reflectors enable professional rescuers to rapidly pinpoint a buried person’s location using the RECCO® detector. Reflectors are not a substitute for transceiver use. Complementary in function, the RECCO technology increases the chance of being found in time.